Pokerformance is a simple HUD for PokerStars. It is very easy to set up and use. Perfect for low to mid stakes players.

HUD screenshot

If you would like to have a simple and cheap set of stats on your opponents, you should try Pokerformance right now.

We will give you two weeks trial period for free, and after that it is just 3 euros per month.

Go to the download page right now and get started.


Pokerformance is not finished. There are stats missing that we want to implement, and most of the reporting on how your sessions went is not done yet. But it is a working and fully functional HUD already, and many people are already playing with it every day.

At the moment we are going through the early test process, before we offer it to everyone. If you would like to be a tester on it, please send a mail to bo at vikingsoft dot eu.

During the test process, anyone can still try it out for the two weeks trial period. But it is impossible to buy a license for it. Our beta testers get a full three year license. Contact us, if you want to be part of the beta tester group.

After the test

When we are satisfied that the quality is good enough and the feature list is a bit longer, we will release Pokerformance commercially. From that point on you will be able to get subscription to run it. The price will be 3 euros or 4 US dollars (your choice) per month. You do the math, but this should be a very positive EV.